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“She is truly a consummate leader.”

Jennifer embraces each aspect of the project and readily accepts responsibility for the successful completion of multiple facets. While the project may belong to the property, it also belongs to her. She has her arms locked with yours to help carry the weight of the project load. She is truly a consummate leader. While she is comfortable taking the lead in various situations, such as spearheading conference calls, guiding vendors in the right direction, and giving advice to team members, Jennifer is always ready to get her hands dirty and tackle hands on issues with you. Jennifer follows up regularly on various levels to keep the project moving, even during those times when she should really be off the clock. She stays on top of all aspects of the project and sends out information to the team on a regular basis to keep everyone on the same page. She is relentless when interacting with vendors to ensure that they fulfill their responsibilities. She never takes “no” for an answer and will continue to press them until they comply with their required commitments. Jennifer is very detail oriented. She has years of experience in various scenarios which provides her with unique insight into situations that others do not see. She maintains files and spreadsheets to record and track all issues as they arise. These are regularly shared with both the team members and vendors. I often forget that Jennifer’s function is that of a consultant. She has been so deeply immersed in our project that she has truly become part of our family. For her, our success is paramount. I feel she always has our best interest at heart. She has been such an integral part of this effort, I am certain that its success would have been questionable without her undying commitment to the cause. Thank you, Jennifer. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Allen Rowsey, Director of Information Technology, Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

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